Vet for Peace

I see this guy all the time as I drive down 72nd Street, so I stopped and had a small conversation.
He’s typically on the Northwest corner of 72nd and Dodge and is holding the sign you see below.

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  1. Stephen Horn says:

    Actually I am there every Saturday from 1 to 2 trying to get people to understand that there are people who oppose these endless wars. We are hearing more and more about the deficits yet seldom is it admitted that these wars have cost us already well over 3 trillion dollars. One trillion for actual Congressional funded direct DOD costs, one trillion for veterans benefits (probably WAY understated) and one trillion in costs related to the repair and replacement of weapons systems worn out by their use. These war costs, coupled with the Bush tax cuts for the rich and the effects of the recession make up almost the entire deficit. How’s the war economy doing for YOU?

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