After seeing all the 3D printed Dust Shoes and not having a 3D printer myself to print one I did find myself with a CNC that I could just cut one out of some cheap material I had laying around. So I designed all these parts and pieces to be cut out of 3/4″ material and assembled, which I happened to have a bunch of pine laying around my shop that I made everything out of. I ordered all the extra parts that I needed from Amazon and set to work. 

This is the first design and there are a lot of things that I would change on a second iteration. The original intention was to have the actual dust shoe attached with magnets at the bottom of the base but that didn’t end up panning out and I ended up using a small c-clamp that I had laying around to do the job.

This was originally designed for a Dewalt 611 (DWP611) and Millright Mega V CNC but I don’t see why it couldn’t be adapted to whatever machine you have laying about.


Here are the components if you’re interested in building your own. All the files are provided in Fusion 360 Files

Cut out of 3/4″ wood with 1/8″ bit:

Assorted Amazon Parts:

Alright now to discuss the problems I ran into with the project and where I think it can be greatly improved.

The bristle holder attachment needs reworked so that it is easy to attach and detach for quick setups.

The bottom opening and subsequent bristle holder can be widened just a tiny bit to allow for better airflow, I was originally concerned with interference with the router holder and Z support. I’d add an 1/16 to the diameter of the opening.

Other than that I have been fairly happy with the overall performance and functionality of this project.