Missouri Floods

Honey Creek, IA looking toward Nebraska.

The flooding as of early June. These first two where take out at a cabin my family owns in Honey Creek, Iowa. It was about a mile from the new shoreline, on a very tiny island. I know it’s under-water as of now, in my estimates those bird feeder are probably starting to get flooded.

Honey Creek Farmland Flood

Used to be a dirt road and farmland.

Man versus nature, eventually nature always kicks our ass.

Road Missour River Flood

One of the Roads that Leads to Boyer Chute.

One of the first roads to close in this area. This Area is a pretty vast flood plain and it always floods a lot, nothing compares to this year though.

Creepy Swing


Abandoned house near Ashland, NE.
Everything around it is twisted and has a very creepy feeling to it. Such things always seem to happen with abandoned buildings with a history.

Abandoned Stone

Abandoned House just outside of Ashland, NE.