Animal Photos.

Elk in Rocky Mountain National Park. Taken while on our honeymoon!


That’s a unique way to pick your nose.

Prairie Dogs!!!! Near Valentine, Nebraska.

Skyla sits coaxing a newborn horse named Cinco out from hiding while the mom grazes in the foreground. Cinco is my sisters horse, and Skyla is her daughter. I went out to the farm to grab some pictures of the newborn and my family.


This guy lived on a small lake that was bordered by both Canada and the United States, hence the whole two worlds bit. I shot this on my Border Route Trail hike up in Northern Minnesota, I believe this was day four and one of my favorite parts of the trail. The trail followed along a small stream that was the boundary separation between the US and Canada.



Went out with my girlfriends brother to shoot pictures of his dogs for him. He thinks the girl is pregnant and wanted to get some shots of him and her before she was showing to much. German Shepherds are such a beautiful breed and they fit in very well out in the woods. So we took them out to the much storied Hummel Park. This is fairly close to my place and I know it like the back of my hand due to how many times I’ve hiked through it.


I like how crisp this one turned out.

Startled Puppy

While we were out shooting I had Jess holding a large gold reflector dish and was shinning it towards the dogs as they were coming up the trail. The younger one got spooked when she saw it she then turned tail and fled. We all had a good laugh at it and eventually the dog got over her fright and we were able to get a few shots of her running up the trail.


The shoot went well but the dogs did manage to make it into the brambles and cockaburs which led to a lot more editing time than I had hoped for.


One Happy Pup.

BDE_4882 BDE_5119 BDE_5330

Some shots from my last excursion to go see the sandhill cranes near Kearney, Nebraska. I typically go every year and rent a photo blind in Rowe Sanctuary, this year I’m doing it a bit differently and just traveling out there on my accord and seeing if I can get a decent shot that way.