To watermark or Not to watermark…

What’s everyone’s opinion on watermarking images?



A pain in the ass to remove and duplicate the image?

How do other photographers feel about watermarking images?

Is it actually protecting your work?

Do you believe it’s turned anyone off from your work?

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Comments and discussion encouraged.

3 thoughts on “To watermark or Not to watermark…”

  1. Watermarking isn’t bad, and how you do it depends on how you want to market your work. If you’re going to sell large versions (either as files for use in print, or as posters, or whatever), small watermarks in the corners are sufficient – if people re-post your photos on the web, you’ll still get traffic driven to your site. If you want to sell clip-art to companies, you’ll need to do something more like what iStockPhoto does – make it big enough to be difficult to remove without utterly ruining the picture.

  2. I’m still on the fence, hence why I posted this. If I do any kind of watermark at all it’ll be tiny and in the corner. Still haven’t standardized on any of the smaller details yet.

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