Elk in RMNP

Elk in Rocky Mountain National Park. Taken while on our honeymoon!

Baby Marmot!



That’s a unique way to pick your nose.

Prairie Dogs

Prairie Dogs!!!! Near Valentine, Nebraska.

Trekkers Life Podcast – Episode 3 Jamie Thomas

My New Podcast called Trekkers Life, Check it out:

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Trekkers Life Podcast – Episode 2 The Straw Hat Backpacker

I’ve started a new Podcast called Trekkers Life, Check it out:

Rock Cairn on Ruby Beach

Rock Cairn on Ruby Beach

Skyla with a baby Horse Named Cinco

Skyla sits coaxing a newborn horse named Cinco out from hiding while the mom grazes in the foreground. Cinco is my sisters horse, and Skyla is her daughter. I went out to the farm to grab some pictures of the newborn and my family.

Death of a turtle bordered by two worlds.


This guy lived on a small lake that was bordered by both Canada and the United States, hence the whole two worlds bit. I shot this on my Border Route Trail hike up in Northern Minnesota, I believe this was day four and one of my favorite parts of the trail. The trail followed along a small stream that was the boundary separation between the US and Canada.