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  1. BrandonEngel says:

    Yea I showed him, he liked it. He’s welcome to use it if he likes. Testing out the new site on a few other computers I noticed a few artifacts in this photo due to the monitor I edited on. It’s easy to clean up though.

  2. xenovalent says:

    Watermarking isn’t bad, and how you do it depends on how you want to market your work. If you’re going to sell large versions (either as files for use in print, or as posters, or whatever), small watermarks in the corners are sufficient – if people re-post your photos on the web, you’ll still get traffic driven to your site. If you want to sell clip-art to companies, you’ll need to do something more like what iStockPhoto does – make it big enough to be difficult to remove without utterly ruining the picture.

  3. Josh Posh says:

    all of the above man everyone loves a good landscape photo portraits just show what u can truly do, insects are so so i guess if it were like animals in general as well as insects then yes a big must with photography and cars well everyone has respect for cars, stock and built. if it is appealing to the eye then put it up

  4. Stephen Horn says:

    Actually I am there every Saturday from 1 to 2 trying to get people to understand that there are people who oppose these endless wars. We are hearing more and more about the deficits yet seldom is it admitted that these wars have cost us already well over 3 trillion dollars. One trillion for actual Congressional funded direct DOD costs, one trillion for veterans benefits (probably WAY understated) and one trillion in costs related to the repair and replacement of weapons systems worn out by their use. These war costs, coupled with the Bush tax cuts for the rich and the effects of the recession make up almost the entire deficit. How’s the war economy doing for YOU?

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