My large landscape photos, typically panoramas and other very wide images.

Chimney Rock 2

Chimney Rock

Me at Chimney Rock.

Missing the Mountains

The Skyline off my back porch

Just a quickie, this was the skyline from my back porch a couple of days ago.


Clouds always make me feel like something is coming, whether they start to turn dark and a storm hits or they fade into a beautiful day. Right now I see so many clouds on my horizon and I don’t know what kind of weather they’ll be bringing me.

-Brandon Engel

Lake Cunningham – Sunset Lightning Strike

Taken at Lake Cunningham in Omaha, Nebraska. I took this yesterday from the north side of the lake, looking south as the storm was just hitting Omaha. It was fun just to sit there and watch the storm pass just south of me.

Photo Stats: 2 Second Exposure at F22, ISO 100, 20MM Lens, Shot on a Nikon D90.

Mount Evans Pool 4

Mountain 14er Colorado

Using My Blue-Dream Preset for this one.

Mount Evans Stream

Mountain Stream

RMNP Skyline

RMNP Skyline