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Tearing it up.



I Dig the ACU.

National Guard Car

Off Kilter

Here’s the beginning:


Ballada ~ Original Picture

I start with a fairly basic shot of the subject using a two flash setup. The Main Flash is off to the subjects right side to give him a harsh shadow on the left side of his face. The Second Flash was directly in front of and below for fill light and to give the image a more spooky feel.

Ballada ~ Minor Edits

Next I took and did my standard tweaks. For this subject I upped the saturation and vibrancy of the colors to really make him pop out. Added contrast and clarity which really helps the fur stand out. I also added a gradient filter on the bottom left hand corner of the image to make it so he didn’t look like he was humping the stump.

Ballada ~ Black and White

Here’s what I came up for the final image. Black and White with a few highlights added here and there. A little spooky, but that’s what I was shooting for.

Some may say it’d be hard to make a glittery blue fox spooky looking, but judge for yourself.

Fursuit By Beastcub