Photos of cars, and racing events.

Big Horn Sheep

Big horn sheep, photo was taken just outside Yellowstone National Park.

I’ve been letting my photography slip into the background while pursing other life goals. This year I’d like to focus more on making beautiful things again.

Ronk Wedding

A few of my favorites from the recent Ronk Wedding.

Happy Halloween

South Dakota Kayak Challenge

I signed up for the 2018 South Dakota Kayak Challenge. Stay tuned for a podcast with one of the race directors.

Bench Sessions Volume 1 Session 2

Bench Sessions is a quarterly live show and podcast that I’ve been helping out with. The show can be found at


This one was with Kris Lager and Kait Berreckman.

Listen to the episode here.

Virtue cut me off this morning.

I honked and gave virtue the finger.

R2AK looks like fun.

I’ve always wanted to learn how to sail.



My Solo Art Show

I’ll be doing a little show at The Tea Smith in midtown Omaha, NE. Near 78th and Dodge. Lots of landscape prints and great tea!


Project [101]: Agrarian Decay Show!

Local artists interpreted the agrarian [DECAY] theme in their own unique way. You’re invited to experience for yourself the the many facets of the Project [101] art scene. As well as meet the minds behind the images.

Gerado Vasquez
Shawn Rathman-Stuhr
Paulissa Kipp
Brenda Turner
Amber Bambler Keller
Heather Peebles
Christina Arellano
Teri Martens
Stacey Shukis
Michael Pysh
Michael Shukis
Corey Lundquist
Robert Puhl
Janet Mills
Brandon Engel
Randi Hunter

Enter to Win a Group Signed Bottle of Agrarian Decay Wine and vote for your favorite piece in the show as well!

Winning artists gets 1/2 the proceeds, you get a One of a kind bottle of Wine