Animal Photos.

Boundary Waters Canoe Area

Boundary Waters Canoe Area


_DSC4738Trying to dry our soaked clothes.

_DSC4723Enjoying the first bit of sun on our trip.


_DSC6840Me and my mom.





Buffalo B&W



Dear, elk.

So we’re driving down in Estes park, when we come across a small herd of Elk.

One of the residents at a local Motel took it upon herself to feed the Elk, what would make good Elk food you ask?

Leftover Pizza of course.


One of my favs – Mountain Goat Sunset.


Mountain Goats at sunset

One of my favorites – Mountain Goat Sunset.

Sorry about the ridiculous watermark, usually I don’t go so crazy with them.

Cranes take flight

Cranes Take Flight.

Cranes at Rowe Sanctuary again, getting excited for going again this year!

Debating on renting a lens this time around, not debating about renting just which one to rent.


Taken at a night with cranes in 2012 at Rowe Sanctuary.

Birdy Brie

Taken on Mohawk Trail near Breckenridge, CO.
Brie attracting the attention of the local fauna.


A little preview for a small write-up I’m doing for my experience photographing the sandhill cranes.