South Dakota Kayak Challenge

I signed up for the 2018 South Dakota Kayak Challenge. Stay tuned for a podcast with one of the race directors.


While driving through on our honeymoon we stopped at this picturesque spot just south of Yellowstone to snap a quick photo of the Tetons from the side of the road. It was near dusk and would soon be dark, this is the only glimpse of the Tetons we had on that trip but for sure will be back one day.

Deal with it.

Elk in RMNP

Elk in Rocky Mountain National Park. Taken while on our honeymoon!

Baby Marmot!



That’s a unique way to pick your nose.

Prairie Dogs

Prairie Dogs!!!! Near Valentine, Nebraska.

Trekkers Life Podcast – Episode 3 Jamie Thomas

My New Podcast called Trekkers Life, Check it out:

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Trekkers Life Podcast – Episode 2 The Straw Hat Backpacker

I’ve started a new Podcast called Trekkers Life, Check it out: