falltreeFall is almost over but here’s a pretty image of it at it’s peak.


Pixoto.com: Dueling Photographs

205145_115505588529709_115504305196504_139895_7408584_nI’ve just learned about Pixoto.com, and it’s addictive nature. You upload your photos and then assign them to category. Then it will be judged by a random jury. You are the jury, in the “vote” portion of the site you are given two images and a category heading you then you click on which image you think is better. Through their algorithm images are rated and awards are given for each day, month and year.

Find me at: http://www.pixoto.com/brandondengel

“Pixoto is an online community where photographers compete to have the best images in their category.

Submitted images are matched against each other in the ImageDuel system and voted on by other community members. The winners advance on the Image Leaderboards and vie for the coveted top spot. By surfacing the best images to the top of the Leaderboard, Pixoto hopes to be the place to find the highest-quality photographs in any given subject.

Pixoto also has a directory of Players that is sorted by image score. For example you can find a list of the top Wedding photographers on Pixoto and then view their profile pages. Profile pages are customizable and include top-scoring images, bios and contact information.Pixoto offers cash prizes every week to the best image in each category and periodically will run larger contests related to specific content areas.”

Boundary Waters Canoe Area

Boundary Waters Canoe Area


_DSC4738Trying to dry our soaked clothes.

_DSC4723Enjoying the first bit of sun on our trip.


_DSC6840Me and my mom.





Updated my Portfolio

Updated my portfolio, check it out:


Buffalo B&W




Took the kayak out for the first time the other night, it was amazing and freezing!

Here is your obligatory kayak facing toward the setting sun photo.

Young Ranger

Random Ranger

I just got done reading Ranger Confidential and this image stuck out in my mind through-out the entire book. The book is about a female ranger and her experiences, as well as her friends and colleagues, with the National Parks Service. The young ranger pictured is how imagine the protagonist to be before a rough life as a Park Ranger turns them into a completely different person.


My Solo Art Show

I’ll be doing a little show at The Tea Smith in midtown Omaha, NE. Near 78th and Dodge. Lots of landscape prints and great tea!


Gee thanks Helen


How my tea made me depressed, in my small gray cubicle.


Went to a cave down south somewhere last year, big enough to drive a modified jeep caravan through, propane powered as to not kill us all. Would love to explore more caves when I get the chance. Didn’t have enough time to though down a tripod so nothing that amazing surfaced from underground.

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